Charged with a Crime in California?

When charged with a criminal offense in the state of California,you need to understand the consequences of a successful conviction. One of them is imprisonment while the other is huge fines and penalties,depending on the type of criminal offense you have been charged with. Therefore,you should do everything possible to ensure you do not get convicted. The following are steps to take when fighting a criminal charge in California:

Step 1: Hire a Competent Lawyer

Whenever you’re facing a legal challenge,it is always recommended you hire a Sacramento to advise and guide you throughout the process. For instance,you should hire a criminal defense attorney to represent you during questioning as well as offer a strong defense during trial. The ideal lawyer must have specialized in criminal law and must have a lot of experience handling the type of case at hand. If you have been charged with assault,you need to hire a lawyer who has handled hundreds of assault cases in the past. The ideal attorney must also have a high success rate with similar cases. You want to hire a lawyer with a high winning rate to boost your chances of getting a favorable outcome. The ideal attorney should also charge a reasonable rate for their services.

Step 2: Find and Preserve Evidence

While the police may have their own evidence,that does not mean that you are guilty. What you need to do to mount a strong defense is gather the evidence needed to counter the evidence the prosecution has compiled. Your attorney and private investigators can help you find witnesses as well as key pieces of evidence that will help you to successfully challenge the case.

Step 3: Negotiate a Plea Deal

Negotiating a plea deal is always recommended if the evidence presented by the prosecution is too strong for you to successfully challenge. In such a case,you should not hesitate to negotiate a plea deal for a lesser sentence,but let your drunk driving defense handle the negotiations with the prosecution.

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