Preparation Tips For The Hidden Costs Of A Spinal Cord Injury

The most devastating outcome of an accident may be an injury to the spine. This is because it leaves you paralyzed and dependent on others for most things for as long as you remain on the wheelchair. Thanks to advances in medicine,there is hope for recovery. Nevertheless,the hardest part of it is the costs. Dealing with the costs of a spinal injury is not easy. Some costs are hidden and the doctor will not tell you right away but you have to prepare for them.

Travel Expenses

Sometimes,you may be forced to use air transport as you seek your treatment for the spinal injury. The cost is expensive,but a good attorney might be able to help you recover it later. Other travel expenses include hotel bills and parking expenses.

Preparation tips:

• Ty crowdsourcing from friends and relatives if you can’t pay the travel expenses.

• Look for affordable means of travel and accommodation

Legal Expenses

If it’s a car crash that someone else is responsible for because of being reckless,you may have to pursue a court settlement.

Preparation tips:

• Represent yourself if you can’t afford the lawyer’s fee

• Visit legal aid societies and to ask for help

• Ask the hurt in a car crash to work on contingency. This means that the expert is paid only when you win the lawsuit. The fee is obtained from the settlement money.

Adaptive Sports Gear

If you are into an active sport like biking and want to keep cycling,you’ll need a handcycle instead of the traditional bicycle. The handcycle costs roughly $10,000. This is costly considering that the traditional bicycle costs about $200.

Preparation tip:

• Get a scholarship from organizations like PossAbilities,GetUpAndMove,and Challenged Athletes.

Dealing with the costs of a spinal injury is tricky but it’s all about preparation. With the above ideas,it should be easy to manage the hidden costs as you push for recovery.

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