Three of the Most Awesome Offices in Singapore

Many offices nowadays follow interior designs and architecture that not only allow them to stand out from the rest but also to provide their employees with an excellent working environment. Unique and Instagram-worthy workspaces used to be a thing for innovative startups only, but now even other corporate spaces are transformed to make a statement and give their employees a daily treat.

If you are looking for a private office space for rent in Singapore, you might need some idea on what’s in and hot in the country’s vibrant business district. Here are three of the coolest offices in Singapore.

Uber Singapore

Uber Singapore has a 2000 square-meter headquarter that oversees its operations in 9 neighbor countries. This is why its “regional hub” features various cultural designs and concepts from different countries: a Japanese-inspired lounge, meeting rooms named after Asian dishes, a collab space with Indian textiles and decors, among others. Almost every nook and cranny is just unique and interesting.


Of course, Google has to be part of the list. Aside from its interesting themed lobby and its office spaces named after popular Singlish phrases, their headquarter is known for their working system that allows employees to got hot desking or have a dedicated work area. Other notable amenities include a game room and a micro-kitchen. Free gourmet breakfast and lunch meals are also served, of course!


Facebook’s office in Singapore is unique in the sense that it has exposed concrete and unfinished ceilings. There is also a wall were employees can write or doodle. Hungry employees can head to the cafeteria on the 33rd floor and enjoy a buffet of local and international cuisines for free! In terms of work flexibility, the office allows workers to adjust their work schedules.

Other brands with impressive and unique offices in Singapore include Airbnb, TripAdvisor, and Shopee. 

Modern offices are not just attractive, fun, and quirky; they are also designed to provide employees with the necessary comfort, inspiration, and encouragement to be the best that they can be as a member of the organization. With offices like these, one would surely find more than one reason to look forward to coming to work.

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